In the practice of tennis, and are common, if you do not have the right advice, sports injuries, that affect the continuity of the sport or discourage those who performed as the beginning of a physical activity recommended. Keep them in mind and seek the help of professionals who advise us the correct and safe way to play, allow us to enjoy the sport.
We refer to the most common injuries in tennis:

What is tennis elbow?


The cause of epicondylitis is an inflammation of muscle attachments on the lateral epicondyle of the elbow. It is a variety of famous tendinitis, also known as "tennis elbow".

What are its causes?

The most common causes are the overuse, bad sporting gesture, not warm, or by direct trauma to the elbow. This type is the most common pathology which then triggers an action gesture Bad Beat setback, wrist extension after performing blow, which is incorrect, should carry out, without wrist extension, but the elbow.

What are your symptoms?

Pain may occur in the elbow, forearm, and in some cases radiate toward doll.
The pain becomes more intense after the sport in its early, and with the passing of the days in any gesture involving a wrist extension.

What is the right treatment?

In conventional treatments are applying ice, compresivo vendaje, the deportivo, stretching exercises (stretching), and finally when the pain disappears, muscle strengthening exercises.

How I can prevent tennis elbow?

Some useful tips for preventing injury are as follows:

  • Perform stretching exercises and warm up before starting the sport.
  • Use a suitable tennis team.
  • Evaluate whether to make tennis practice, I am executing the movements correctly, that is a great sporting gesture.

What is tendinitis of the supraspinatus?

It is inflammation of the tendon of the supraspinatus muscle, muscle found in the shoulder and is commissioned to raise the arm.

What are its causes?

  • Prolonged use of the arm above shoulder.
  • Repeated shoulder external rotation.
  • Incomplete healing after rupture of the supraspinatus tendon.
  • Mal sporting gesture.

What are your symptoms?

  • Pain when moving the shoulder especially on the side elevation, and external rotation.
  • Painful shoulder press.
  • Weakness to make rotation and lifting movement of the shoulder.

What is the proper treatment?

  • Repose.
  • Ice.
  • Exercises to descend the scapula.
  • Stretching.
  • Muscle strengthening.

How I can prevent it?

  • Scapular strengthening exercises.
  • Muscle stretching exercises.
  • Proper warm-up.
  • Good sporting gesture.
  • Use the right equipment.

What should I do if I already have one of these conditions at the time of return to activity?

  • Use materials for the election of the racket to cushion the impact.
  • Decrease tension string.
  • Use a grip according to each athlete.
  • Playing the sport correctly, that is a great sporting gesture.
  • Exercise preheat playtime.
  • Place ice after making practice.
  • When working to adopt correct postures so that the shoulder and elbow, are not in constant tension.

Useful Tips when buying our tennis team.

When choosing our racket, we must consider the following:

  • The material choice. The most recommended are the graphite.
  • The type of handle. A practical way to know which is the proper grip is the following: from the midline of the hand, to the tip of the middle finger, that is the proper circumference to the hilt.
  • The type of string, it must be replaced usually every 6 months, if you play once a week. Today the most widely used are synthetic materials, but the most recommended is the gut.

Note that these injuries are more common in amateur athletes, with bad sporting gesture, or people who do not practice the sport on a regular basis.

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