Following the recent refurbishment of the circuit Medical Spa, viagra 60mg La Posada del Qenti is again performing works to further improve its infrastructure and provide a better service to its guests.

This time, tadalafil are underway 3 works in parallel: We're covering the hallway that connects the wing to the central Sierras helmet Resort, try We are building a new multipurpose room to expand recreation, and we are expanding the area of ​​the gym to include new appliances.

The first work is aimed at closing the environment that links the central town of the inn where the medical center is, lobby and reception room with wing, allowing guests to move through the different areas without undergoing climate changes and temperature differences between indoors and outdoors.

The structure of this space will feature large windows that frame the beautiful scenery that we provide saws. Accompany this tour a wide variety of native plants and aromatic flowers to unify the interior design with outer beauty.

Regarding the construction of the new SUM, design shows the entire view to the High Peaks. It will be an ideal place for group activities, corporate events and training.

Last, the third work that is being done is the extension of the gym, to give the new rehabilitation center will also Qenti art equipment. There different rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatments will be developed, accompanying our successful weight management treatments and rejuvenation, and adding new techniques and programs, among which highlights a specific treatment of sports injuries.

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