“…For Posada del Qenti, and Hummingbird Dream, waking me peace, beauty and silence. Thanks for being and be…” These were the words with which the celebrated creator of Dance Therapy, sealed his visit to our Posada.

Maria Fux're dancing, coreógrafa y danzaterapeuta , con importantes actuaciones en los escenarios más importantes de la Argentina y del extranjero. Con una lograda estética propia y una comprensión de la Danza, as a path to wellness Integral everyone longs. With Dancetherapy, his work is integrative, gathering students in classes down, Deaf, feebleminded, hard of isolation, o soledad, spastic, elderly, inter alia.

"I'm an artist, through creative work, has found a method that manages changes in people, by movement. All I do is stimulate the potential that everyone has. I never talk to heal, but to change. And regardless of the type or severity of a problem, there will always be something that can be modified”. Recite in his Official Site www.mariafux.com.ar .

On this visit he was accompanied by 3 their "discícpulos", as she calls them; Gabriela Palamara, Lalo Nores Martinez and Laura Arceri, who hails from Italy, and is currently visiting his teacher and mentor, in this is the Dance Therapy.

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