La Posada del Qenti was present at the 37th Meeting of Marketing Braztoa, order in the Convention Center "Frei Caneca" of San Pablo, ambulance under the "Week in San Pablo Argentina" organized by the National Institute of Tourism (Inprotur) and the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation.

This event was held last 22 and 23 March in San Pablo and is known as one of the most important tourism events in Brazil, because it promotes the relationship between local tourism operators, international representatives and tourism professionals throughout Brazil.

The Argentina had a full floor of the two that made the show, where they unveiled their culture.

As part of promotion policies, wine tastings and wine were also performed, tango shows and an exhibition of photographs showing the Brazilians all the wealth of our country.

La Posada participated in this space, where he was able to publicize their services with regard to medical tourism, high-end tourism, y Golf

The promotional activities were carried out on the fourth floor of the Convention Center Shopping Frei Caneca. The Workshop with the participation of public bodies, Argentine institutions and private providers, who presented their product offering and led the Brazilian market destinations.

Tourism Minister and president of the National Institute of Tourism was also present (INPROTUR), Enrique Meyer, who noted that "in the context of the day, our country organizes the Week Argentina in San Pablo, where we develop and implement programs and strategies to promote international inbound tourism, as well as the tourist image of Argentina abroad ".

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