It is known that chronic fatigue is felt in the body, rx causing the skin cells can not fulfill its essential functions of nutrition, shop oxygenation and elimination of toxins, sickness quedando desprotegidas y manifestándose principalmente en la cara con síntomas tales como ojeras, puffy eyes, párpados caídos y líneas de expresión acentuadas.


To keep skin toned, is necessary that the deep layers are hydrated and oxygenated. And moderate muscle tone keeps its contours.

For this there are many options that offer optimal results against skin aging and also to achieve relaxation:

  • Intensive Leisure. 8 horas diarias es la base esencial para el cuidado de la piel.
  • Aromatic immersion baths. Elimina tensiones y logra un efecto relajante. Lavender is mainly used, camomile, juniper and sandalwood. Rosemary and mint give a revitalizing effect.
  • Hand Massage. Apart from being a pleasurable activity intensifies the circulatory rhythm, relaxes muscles and eliminating distended skin contractures.
  • Manual lymphatic drainage. Disminuye tensiones y mejora la textura de la piel, acting on the pathways that carry lymph (transporting liquid and removes toxins from the body).

These precautions will help sustain the levels of collagen and elastin, that function as essential supports to have a fresh and healthy skin.

Lic. Paula Peace

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