The photoprotection is currently one of the means by which we order prevent skin lesions important, page such as those precursors to skin cancer as keratosis actinias, click lentigos malignos, abortion solar lentigines, melasmas, and skin aging, all these very common and usually do not give it the importance it should have.

To our skin gets the protection it deserves, It is very simple the procedure, We only have to make a habit of putting on sunscreen from morning when we started the day until evening, in times of extreme heat should be renewed every 3 hs., while all year use. Cabe remarcar que este es el medio de prevenir lesiones en nuestra piel y esta al alcance nuestra mano, we must learn to use it to enjoy a healthy skin and a full health, is also important for adults to incorporate this habit to the smallest, because solar radiation is cumulative over time and educating a child about this topic, achieve our generations learn to enjoy d ela outdoors and sun.

To disseminate and care for our skin, which is simple!

Pull. Mariela Alvarez

Medical Dermatóloga, MP 28710 – ME 15917

La Posada del Qenti

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