The Sabbath 3 December, were privileged to receive in La Posada, sick la ya tradicional “Race of 1000 miles”, remedy the tourist-sport event, of interest declared by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation and has the support of the Cordoba Tourism Agency, is reserved for vehicles manufactured between 1925 and 1981 and involve the most famous brands and models of cars produced in that period.

During the morning the riders and their machines could take a break in the competition, and enjoy a treat at La Posada, then resume competition, Road to Alta Gracia.

It is noteworthy that the cars involved in the traditional race regularity of 1.000 millas sport, unique pieces that are built automotive history.

This meeting, characterized by the camaraderie of the participants, It is a delight for any car lover, since vehicles will find almost every decade of the twentieth century.