The hair loss and capillary fragility may be associated with multiple causes such as stress, side effects dermatological problems, Prolonged use of certain drugs, seasonal changes, use of certain hair products not suitable for every hair type, hormonal changes, Genetic factors including.

Unbalanced diets deficient in certain vitamins or, minerals and good quality protein can weaken the hair or contribute his fall.

The first thing you must make sure to keep strong and healthy hair is a good supply of vitamins and minerals through daily consumption of at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables taking special care to combine different colors, like eating a daily serving of high biological value proteins present in lean meats, egg white and skim milk. Some of the most important hair are : Vitamin A, abundant as beta carotene in carrots, pumpkin. Vitamin C citrus, kiwi, tomato, red pepper. Biotin which is a B vitamin whose deficiency is rare but has been associated with thinning hair, is present in egg yolks and liver. Also in foods like yeast, oats, soy, nuts, Sunflower seeds, wheat and rice.

Regarding supplements, vitamin and mineral complex OTC, is always advisable to consult with a professional (clinical, dermatologist, medical nutricionista) not only for a correct prescription of these, but to make a proper diagnosis of hair problems.

Pull. Rosana Viscovig

Medical Nutricionista

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