Day 8 December of the current Medical Qenti made a new free activity to the community. In this case a day for prevention of risk factors and early detection of cancer.
With a very good response to the call, no rx could be performed 80 blood pressure determinations, price glycemia, values ​​of anthropometric obesity, measurements of respiratory function, review of premalignant skin lesions and carotid ultrasound and thyroid.

He also gave, informational materials and self-assessment surveys to predisposition to neoplastic diseases, with relevant professional consultation tips.
He helped the Argentina Heart Foundation, with cardiopulmonary resuscitation course conducted by the DR. Eduardo Storaquio.
The Ministry of Health of the Province of Cba. contributed the Unisan, outpatient clinics, where practices were performed. While the Municipality of Villa Carlos Paz, allowed the location of the same on its esplanade and disseminated this activity by various media.
Medical Qenti through its employees and associates, thank them all and invites the community to continue with this proposal to see health: quality of life is a shared responsibility of each, with practitioners to act with vision and preventive rehabilitative.

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