Prestigious thoracic surgeon, more about René Favaloro, information pills He was the creator of the technique of aorto-coronary bypass or CABG, work awarded prestigious international, as the procedure radically changed the history of coronary disease.

It was in his youth in rural medical Pampas town of Jacinto Arauz, where he made an important task of prevention and awareness led to a drastic reduction in infant mortality in the area of ​​influence.

Creator of the Favaloro Foundation, training center for doctors around the world, Basic Research Laboratory, under the Department of Research and Education Foundation, then become the Research Institute of Basic Sciences at the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences, He was also creator of the Favaloro University and the Institute of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery. Member of the National Commission on the Disappearance of Persons, authored “Surgical treatment of coronary arteriosclerosis”, “Memories of a country doctor”,”Do you know you. in San Martin?”, “The memory of Guayaquil”, “De La Pampa to the United States”, “Retrieving the invisible: conversations about culture”, “The miracle and the value of life”, etc..

Overwhelmed. Depressed by the debts of its Foundation, affected by the economic collapse of the country and the default state and social work, sought help from the authorities, personally directing a letter to then President Fernando de la Rua Nation, which was never read, expressing their fatigue “be a beggar in my own country”.

With no response and Argentina convinced that society needed his death “for you to become aware of the problems that is involved”, the 29 July 2000 He ended his life. He was born in La Plata 12 July 1923.


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