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With careful selection and careful manufacturing inputs, kitchen La Posada del Qenti will surprise you with delicious dishes of international cuisine, homemade pastries and artisan bread, in a cozy dining room accompanied by the warm attention of our staff, contemplating the magnificent view of the mountains. Whole gastronomy La Posada is properly formulated and controlled by our team Nutritionists that, together with Chef, custom dishes prepared in the style Gourmet, International quality. For maximum enjoyment of stay, We have prepared the following:

In addition to care how many calories, all we care about the quality of these, choosing the best raw material. The area of ​​Nutrition has designed options celiac menus and vegetarian. Solitude of Boca

Lic. Nutrition - Obesity Specialist, La Posada del Qenti

Menú Saludable Gourmet

This menu is included in all plans Qenti Wellness and is characterized by being balanced in terms of nutrients and calories. It is ideal to harmonize the body in 4 extra snacks daily intakes with energy and vitality recovering. It provides an average of 700 calories per meal and is recommended for those who want to improve your eating habits and strengthen the immune system and restore proper hydration. The menu includes input, main course and dessert.

Healthy Menu Light

This menu is adapted from Gourmet Healthy menu in which you control the quality and reducing calorie intake of refined sugars and saturated fats; also included in the plans Qenti Wellness. It is designed for men and women looking to satisfy their enjoyment of food and eating fewer calories can enjoy home baking and craft recipes.

Customized Food Plan

Recommended. This additional service (Included in the plans Qenti Star) part of a nutritional assessment and a detailed study of their needs. So, preparing a balanced meal in calories and nutrients depending on their needs, achieving the best result. It also has tracking our staff of nutritionists who will interview and assist you in complying with the diet.

Also in the Healthy restaurant La Posada del Qenti use the reduced sodium salts Genser supported by the Cardiological Foundation Argentina.

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