Many people think that these exercises are to lose weight, but it is not. While they are good for toning the abdomen and improve posture, localized fat do not disappear. Then, What can you do?

Upon training the midsection many concerns arise. Most people are more interested in the aesthetic issue than anything, and ignore its relevance to exercise our "core" or "core" health, posture and quality of movement, either playing sports or in everyday life.

Then, the area of ​​physical education at the Posada del Qenti describe and answer the most common queries in the weight room:

Consultation: “I want to lose the belly ... Give many abdominal exercises!”

Answer: Perform exercises for the midsection serves to tone, forces the abdominal girdle and support to the column, but not only that significant reduction was achieved in abdominal area. It should be comprehensive and inclusive activities to generate energy expenditure and achieve a reduction in adipose tissue.

Consultation: “I want to work the lower abdominal”

Answer: According to the exercise being performed, You can "feel" more localized in one area than in another abdominal. But the important thing is to work the muscles in full, either for aesthetic or health purposes. Namely, doing a workout in the middle of all sizes and at different levels.


Consultation: “What are the most effective exercises?”

Answer: Anyone exercise tonifique, strengthen and give support to the spine without causing risk during implementation. It is clear that the exercise indicated that depend on the physical condition of the person.

Consultation: “What is the correct way to do it?”

Answer: Consider, Exemplary, the correct execution of a lift trunk.

a) Acostate, faceup, with knees bent and feet flat.

b) Interlace your fingers and head sostene, without generating force with arms, to raise the trunk. The important thing is to hold your hands and keep your head in a neutral position.

c) It inspires and gently lift empezá time to exhale in a controlled, separating the top of the back of the mat or bed. Rediscover the starting position.