To understand Globesity concept we must first know the difference between epidemic, cialis 40mg endemic and pandemic:

Is said epidemic when a disease spreads for some time in a country affecting a large number of people. Endemic, in return, reigns habitually en times fijas, in a country or a territory while a Pandemic extends to many countries and many people simultaneously attacks.

La AOA (American Obesity Association) Obesity has been identified as an international epidemic that spread through Globalization, or at least by prosperity and modernity, with exponential and phenomenal progress of technology.

The modern industrialized food style generates, undoubtedly, the basis of a systematic disorder that seriously affects our metabolic function and the whole body in general.

Industrial processing affects, substantially, our main food (cereals , oils, salt, sugar, etc.), depriving them of essential nutrients and contaminating them with undesirable substances. Fiber is one of the main victims refining industrial processes.


WHO (World Health Organization), observed and identified this phenomenon and proposes a name for it Globesidad.

Obesity coexists, regrettably, with a massive malnutrition and upper classes cater to a lifestyle far more sedentary with the Technology Association; especially early edad, renouncing the traditional homemade meals, benefit of fast food and industrialized. At the other end most disadvantaged classes survive the economy with many more hours of work, little rest and lack of quality calories required.

This is a concept that for many years has ingrained La Posada del Qenti, who propose that much more important is the quality that the amount of calories you eat, concept that is rooted in the teachings of one of the great educators the Dr. Jorge Braguinsky. There, regrettably, media professionals who still favor the amount of calories they sell in supermarkets with a large number of chemical contaminants, preservatives, Flavoring, dyes, etc..

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