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Outdoor Activities

  • Hiking: 2 walks of varying intensity that are performed in the morning. Each guest is evaluated first by the clinician who indicates the intensity of the walk to be taken.
  • Health Circuit: is a walk of low intensity and duration that develops around the resort.
  • Taichi & Meditation
  • Mountain Bike: activity that can be guided by staff or free area for the guest. Used mountain trails that are within the premises of the Inn.
  • Trekking Fotográfico: for recreational hiking trails where learning takes place on mountain flora and fauna as well as improving the use of the camera and learn basic techniques of photography.
  • Tennis Classes
  • Golf Lessons
  • Mountain bike
  • Beach Voley

Our gym, in addition to modern equipment and a lovely setting, has a team of physical education teachers and therapists advise it on each activity. The activities can be developed in the gym using equipment provided or outdoors enjoying the magnificent natural surroundings in which it is located La Posada.

*Professor. Ángeles Velez

Coordinator for physical education, La Posada del Qenti

Indoor Activities

  • Therapeutic physical activities: Are performed with the guidance of a professional in the area, prior to a physical assessment by the physiotherapist, who pointed out the specific exercises to work, according to each pathology.
  • Therapeutic physical activities in the pool: working in this environment with people who can not make any kind of impact or greater efforts, thereby protecting the joints and even the general body.
  • Basic Training: according to the prescription, weapon is an aerobic workout and strength training in general.
  • Individual Training: work is aerobic and muscle toning overall according to fitness.
  • Individual Pilates class
  • Individual class Esferodinamia
  • Water aerobics: combine aerobics, muscle toning and complete the class stretching and relaxation.
  • Swim Lessons
  • Ping Pong

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