Numerous studies show an association between high soft drink consumption and increased odds of overweight or obesity. When we repeat a behavior, over time this becomes habit, and in the case of daily consumption of soft drinks would not be this a healthy habit.

In recent years has increased the consumption of beverages sweetened with corn syrup high fructose (JMAF) accompanied by a variety, ya que existen bebidas de todos los colores y gustos como uno se imagine, and availability.

El exceso y la ingesta diaria de gaseosas y aguas saborizadas endulzadas con JMAF conlleva a un exceso calórico que con el tiempo se traducirá en un aumento del tejido adiposo, with the risks it generates to health. In addition to consuming this type of food intake decreased water, vital for the proper functioning of the body.

Decir que un solo alimento es la causa del crecimiento en las cifras de Obesidad no sería lo óptimo, but if it's important to know that drinking carbonated waters and flavored with sugar daily predisposes to weight gain and many contain substances that interfere with the absorption of other nutrients, for this are considered low quality

Consider that adults have a choice, pero a nuestros niños ¿quién le fomenta los buenos hábitos? ¿Elegimos por ellos?

Lic. Del Boca Maria Soledad
La Posada del Qenti

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