The sagging skin, information pills is the loss of tone and elasticity of the facial skin, cost and is largely due to the decrease or abolish the ability of the elastic fiber to recede. Consequently occurs and eventually fiber calcification.

The factors that trigger this are many, buy more about among which we can highlight:

  • Photoaging (rayos UV).
  • Hormonal change, mainly since menopause.
  • Abrupt demineralization (common in crash dieting and strenuous physical activity).
  • Physiological aging

There are aesthetic treatments to improve and prevent these problems, and for this it is essential:

  • Improving skin permeability (through peelings, since they allow the active ingredients to be absorbed faster to use, trace elements and vitamins, sludge, parafangos, algae, etc.)
  • Prevent demineralization, with proper diet. You can use complex oral vitamins, always under medical supervision.
  • Treatments can be performed based on masks cabinet, either facial or body.
  • The use of radiofrequency (This stimulates fibroblast function, cells that produce collagen and elastin).

At home we can we can help:

  • Finish the bathroom with a short time in cold water (to cause vasoconstriction).
  • With the use of emulsions or creams containing vitamins.
  • Using sunscreens.
Alejandra Gonzales
Beautician and Cosmiatra
La Posada del Qenti

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