Family Wellness

Optimization program for the quality of family life

How is this program?


Family Wellness It is a healthy experience with the aim of strengthening the family bond, generate awareness of healthy habits and share new techniques of conscious eating.

Adolescence is one of the best stages of life and perhaps one of the most difficult. It is a time of profound change and transformation for our children and represents a major challenge for parents who must accompany, ultimately guide them and help them become men and women of integrity, authentic and happy. We live in a world that runs faster and faster, rarely do we stop to pay attention, to look us in the eyes and tune with who we really are. We are more connected to technology than life.

That is why this program wants to accompany you to take perspective of how you are living this beautiful stage of life with your children. For them, who they face the adventure of defining who want to be. And as a mother / father you face the challenge to accompany and guide them in this wonderful stage.


5 days / 4 nights


Sunday afternoon


Multi and interdisciplinary with a focus on family integration



Improving nutrition, generate healthy habits and strengthen family ties


Immediate and lasting, depending on each person

Additional results

Improve the way they relate to each family member

Will this stay is for your family?


This program's main objective is to improve the quality of family relationships and health of each of the members, through:

  • Provide resources to parents so they can accompany their children / as from a place of full consciousness, that allows them to tune into the unique beauty of these and help them achieve the best version of themselves.
  • Equipping young people with tools to help them through the changes typical of the adolescent stage, It is deeply aware of who they are and be able to choose what they want to be really.
  • Generate awareness of healthy habits, Physical activity, proper use of technology and conscious eating.


What it is included in the stay?

healthy and therapeutic activities

  • introductory workshop to raise awareness
  • Workshop on food conscious
  • Parent workshop to address issues specific to adolescence
  • Workshop on care / Privacy / technology for children.
  • family interview with clinician
  • family interview with nutritionist
  • theoretical talk / practice on skin care
  • Cavalcade led by the ecological reserve
  • Healthy cooking workshop family

It is a healthy experience with the aim of strengthening the family bond, generate awareness of healthy habits and share new techniques of conscious eating.

Lic. Romina Antoniotti. Psychologist, specializing in strategic therapy, focused on problem solving. MN 41.046 MP 9359.

Healthy gourmet cuisine

  • Breakfast
  • Gourmet lunch
  • Picnic
  • Cena gourmet
  • Natural Infusions

Controlled group activities

  • Guided walk every morning
  • Health Workshops
  • Medical Conferences
  • Stretching
  • Water aerobics
  • Taichi
  • Yoga
  • Chi kung
  • Recreation & Entertainment

Comfortable facilities

  • Accommodation Economic room, Especial o Premium
  • Golf course 18 holes
  • Tennis court (Fast)
  • Equestrian Club
  • Panoramic Pool
  • Heated indoor pool
  • Gym

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