Interdisciplinary approach. Five specialists spoke on human security from the perspective of health. They emphasized the need for self-care.

Health as a crucial factor for the quality of life of people and human security. That was the inspiring concept of a round table which Raúl cardiologist participated Breglia, shop Public Health specialist Carlos Gatti, website like this Cristina's degree in Nursing Cometto, gynecologist and head of the Department of Gynecology and Hector Ferreyra infectologist Alberto Dain, Blas Pascal University, under a professorship awarded the Unesco study center.

The human security approach from health has a story, explained at the opening of the meeting Alberto Ferral, Secretary of Extension and University Relations Institutions. "In 1989, UNESCO made its first assessment of human security from the viewpoint of cultural and educational. Ten years later came the concept of human security as fundamental to the quality of life of people factor ", illustrated.

From the perspective of cardiology, Breglia highlighted the social impact of diseases and risk factors widespread in society today, as obesity, Diabetes, hypertension (HTA) and smoking.

He stressed that the four have common points. "For a long time does not cause discomfort, pain, or other nuisances and, therefore, in lead to prevent ni take action, but eventually entail serious problems ", expressed, adding that self-care is essential.

Breglia recalled that obesity has become a major public health problem, and affecting 1000 million people worldwide. He noted that, as a result of overweight and bad habits, diabetes increases dramatically worldwide. The same with regard to the HTA, life of charged 50 Argentine thousand per year. "Need not reach these patients amputations, eye problems or heart, it is necessary to educate the self ", emphasized. He highlighted the role of the patients themselves in preserving their health and quality of life: "Prevent and, in case of illness, controlled, is safer to live ".

In this line, Gatti subrayó: "A salvation is a work, desire, hope and also a search ".

He stressed that children who do not attend school, older adults who are convulsed by political problems, to name a few, are social indicators of human insecurity; and also mentioned more specific issues, as security against accidents and the importance of vaccination.

I said, also, the need to "unify the actions of the state to human security reaches the last person".

A su turno, Cometto said that human security is the absence of fear and deprivation. "It's dignity, marrow of life of all people ", plotted and considered that self-esteem, self-realization, autonomy, social inclusion and participation are key factors in achieving the health and welfare of the individual and community.

Health in Women. Ferreyra focused on the protection of human security of women and, on the one hand, stressed that it is necessary to "encourage proper sexual and reproductive health". "Everyone should have a safe sexual life and power to choose when and how to reproduce", added.

He also stressed on the prevention of the two most common cancers in women, breast which are first and, then, the cervix. Regarding the latter, argued that Pap was the first secondary prevention paradigm and emphasized the national government initiative to vaccinate against HPV to all girls 11 years old.

Breast cancer, in return, begins to appear in middle age, so all women should be rigorously screening mammograms. "The gynecologist has an educational obligation", recalled.

Diseases of poverty. At the end of the talk, Alberto Dain referred to poverty as a basic factor of human insecurity and stage for the development of pathologies. He described: "Infectious diseases are the sentinels of civilization, They are a mark of the quality of life of a population ".

"Some of the factors of poverty that lead to the development of infectious diseases are selling unpasteurized milk, which came to pass in Argentina, lack of access to drinking water, poor personal hygiene, poor diet, malnutrition, overcrowding, ignorance, illiteracy, street food unhandled, lack of drugs and vaccines, poor medical training and sexual promiscuity, among others ", indicated.

All the experts agreed that human security does not mean just think about security against violence, but in a much more holistic and diverse way. In this sense, Gatti said a sentence of Cordoba Medical Mirta Roses, Director of the Pan American Health Organization: "The human security is a child who dies, a disease that does not spread, a job that is not removed, ethnic division that does not explode into violence, a dissident who was not silenced. Human security is not a concern with weapons, is a concern for the life and dignity ".


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