We have all seen the benefits of love, to see us or friend totally refreshed and revitalized. The skin is smooth, eyes shine, the mind becomes more acute and there like a light that surrounds the blessed. But there's more ...

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Love health benefits and also has a scientific basis. What experts in cardiovascular health claim is that emotions and spirituality have much to do with the health of our heart, besides our fitness.

Every thought, us walking every emotion triggers a cascade of hundreds snapshot, or even thousands of neuropeptides and hormones that orchestrate a symphony of negative or positive effects on our body.

Therefore it is important to learn to choose what we think about the things that happen to us, because emotions that pass us autogeneramos bill.

Love is one of the strongest emotions that we will submit in life. It is a vital sentiment that is shared with others and that enhances our appearance and health of body and soul.

These are the five benefits that we love:

1. Improved self-esteem. It is a feeling that makes us take better care. To love oneself is key to attracting another person to engage in better nutrition, in an exercise routine, and any activity that is improving our quality of life.

2. It is a great antidote to stress. Love reduces cortisol production, one related to the increase in blood pressure substance. Elevates body oxytocin production, hormone called welfare, which reduces cardiovascular risk and improve the immune system. It is also the hormone responsible for everything look us well and in harmony when we are in love. What's more, the brain increases the production of dopamine and norepinephrine that trigger feelings of happiness and pleasure.

3. Reduce anxiety and depression states, which improves mood and physical appearance. It also improves cardiovascular risk indicators even in people with chronic diseases such as diabetes.

4. Reduces inflammation and improves the immune system and can be a potential analgesic. A recent study by the Institute for Research in Behavioral Medicine, Ohio University, He showed that lonely people developed latent viruses faster than those who had an active social life. Apparently this is because the love increases cytokine release, better relaxation and increased endorphin release, call pleasure hormone.

5. Sleeping with the person you love makes you feel more relaxed and sleep better. It is all due to the action of oxytocin which promotes the welfare and rest to properly repair the nervous system during sleep.

Source: www.mujerhoy.com


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