The spheres are emerging strongly in places where it is intended to work and care for postural axes as a great enabler of many movements and body segments.

When we support our body somewhere on areas, healing gravitational relationship and the muscles that are supported relax and give way to new information reverses our body. Improving our perception of our body schema, erectile correcting postural issues and tensions.

This technique is used to improve postural problems, viagra 40mg back pains, grips and everything having to do with contractions and tensions.

  • As esferodinamia served for fun and relaxation.
  • As esferoterapia, corrects, elonga, full body massage, Anyone can practice this predisposed to want to make new techniques movements.

Support on the ball is what gives the possibility to work, with different static and dynamic exercises that facilitate and strengthen the abdominal muscles to increase mobility and adjusts the body's balance.

Key features of this new technique

Esferodinamia is a bodywork technique that uses balls of different diameters (between 55 cm y 1,50 m) to train on one side, the body's ability to perceive itself internally and in relation to space, and moreover, to improve posture from stretching and alignment.

This technique emphasizes learning through the moving body, to develop not only the skills, but also the playability of the individual.

The esferodinamia can be practiced at any age and all the exercises are performed with balls.

It is appropriate to begin this practice under the supervision of teachers and professionals trained in the art.

Eduardo Menegozzi

Physical Education Area of ​​La Posada del Qenti