In recent 20 years was established as the fastest growing disease incidence and mortality of the world population morbidity. With complications inherent in itself and behave as independent risk factor for other diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular 2.

It is especially characterized by non-communicable, more about chronicle, visit a rapid increase and mainly for being PREVENTABLE, information pills constituting one of the most dangerous epidemics and so far difficult to approach for effective control, significantly called "globesity".
In our country the rates of overweight ( BMI between 25 and 30) obesity including
( IMC > of 30), arrive approximately 55 and 60 % population.
The speed increase and new features in the presentation, evidenced by childhood obesity figures reaching 13% between 6 and 14 years old. In the world around 22 million children are obese before 5 years old.
With different etiologies and variables that modulate their behavior as: genetic, metabolic, environmental, with marked behavioral and socio-economic and cultural influence, this condition affects life shortening, increased morbidity, high costs (beating the snuff and alcohol use) and physical complications, psychological and social.
While obesity has as underlying cause overeating accompanied with low energy expenditure, would be simplistic to stay at this unique aspect. The various theories as to etiology and characteristics which we address in this day, are opening up good prospects in the diagnosis and medication, but not yet achieved true success of long-term therapy.
While not understand this disease ( with other risk factors) It is the responsibility of the whole community and its major effectors, we can not move on successful strategies.
Lone working with physician recommendations and dwindling support in achieving sustained lifestyle changes, is a labor of poor results if not accompanied by measures to control the dissemination and marketing supervisation quality supply of food industry.
Educating parents and teachers, equity in access to good quality and quantity of food, promoting and facilitating access to physical activity and public health contemplation of this disease in the prevention and treatment, are also fundamental aspects.
This is the invitation that we propose, begin discussions toward truly effective control programs

Pull. Alicia Ciapponi
Medical Director of the Posada del Qenti
Y Qenti Medical

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