This Sunday 11 December, sildenafil the best mountain bikers pass by La Posada del Qenti in 1Edition of Between the Moon and the Sun, information pills Mountain Bike event to be held in much of the estate of La Posada del Qenti.

Above 150 Riders from around the country will meet in this competition communicant serrano own fresh air with those skill athletes of nature lovers.

This race consists of two stages, cheapest a night and a day. At the last stage of the journey is almost 40 km for las sierras, a real challenge for the legs and the spirit of competing broker.

Once more, La Posada del Qenti adds to sporting events with the aim of spreading healthy living, sports and nature care.

On behalf of La Posada del Qenti, San Antonio de Arredondo and Adventuremtbike You are invited to participate in what we want is the big race of the fat wheels 2011.