A 102 kilometers from the Provincial Capital, viagra approved the stunning scenery of the high peaks rises, website like this and a series of activities to discover and enjoy.
On provincial route 14, if lifting the subsequent, the first mountain hotel in the province of Cordoba and a center of adventure tourism, where various activities carefully designed by length and difficulty level are performed.
Among the planned activities can be mentioned:
The output of the oratorio, a stone building where the legendary healing Mass Brochero gave over a hundred years ago, Aboriginal countrymen and Comechigones. A hundred yards of this ruin is the waterfall of the Oratory, with its high drop of clear water between the rocks. This tour can be done on horseback, caminando o en mountain bike.
Broken Devil challenged to explore a vast depression 30 meters deep extending to the Posta. The varied flora and fauna make sense of this walk, as entertaining as enjoyable.
This same walk can be performed under a mattress pro star lit torches and moonlight.
Walking the horse riding, Backwater and a solution to the Alamo, by Eagle Valley, to the chain of volcanoes that mark the border with La Rioja.
Another activity offered is trekking the Underground River, by the same paths once used comechingones, hast bring you near to that cause of water that goes into the rocks, with the certainty that at some point the walk will pass through the middle of a cloud.
The bike tour Hanging Bridges is an unforgettable experience: Waterfalls, the powerful beauty of the mountains and bridges make it an attractive proposition by way of the High Peaks.

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