The productivity of a company is directly proportional to the productivity of their employees, buy the combination of individual skills and the effectiveness of your team.

Similarly, cheap health of a business depends on the health of its members. A high percentage of medical folders directly impacts the profitability of the company as it slows and damages the ideal operation.

If we consider the salaries of people who can not work because they are sick, we add the salary replacement and we add the errors themselves products of a temporary replacement, the cost of the disease is much more than a temporary absence; results in a significant hidden cost, rarely considered.

That is why a company that has a team of employees and owners healthy is a more productive. A company whose staff consists of people with physical and mental performance is obviously better than that formed by people listless and low stress tolerance.

Nowadays, in a hypercompetitive scenario, every positive detail is an advantage and every advantage is another opportunity to grow and detach the universe of companies that fail.

Is your company a healthy?

  • What is the annual percentage of employees with medical folder?Do you consider these costs?
  • How many employees in your company are smokers? Have you considered the cost in time and deficiency of this group?
  • How many people work in your company obese? Have you ever assessed the risk to the health of this group and the damage that it could generate?
  • Does it promote preventive medical checkups in managerial cadre? Do you know the risks of stress-turned to the lack of prevention and care?
  • Do you help your team to lead a healthy and balanced life?

In light of the above, La Posada del Qenti Medical Spa & Resort, health plans designed exclusively for businesses. These programs also for the health of his team are a great incentive because while checks are carried out at the same time you can enjoy a pleasant stay in a tropical paradise among the Sierras de Cordoba.

The Medical Center of La Posada del Qenti offers businesses the following health plans:

  • Executive Medical Checks (5 days / 4 nights) Salud Incentive
  • Plan to Reduce Obesity (7 days / 7 nights) Salud Incentive
  • Plan to Stop Smoking (7 days / 7 nights) Salud Incentive
  • Plan Anti-Burnout (5 days / 4 nights) Salud Incentive
  • Personalized eating plan (Incompany)
  • Habits to Improve Educational Talks (Incompany)

Provide employees the opportunity to improve their health is not only a positive incentive for the individual and for the company, but for that person's family.

Through these health plans is loyalty to employees and their families, generating the name of the company is present in every home positively.

Imagine, for example, the feeling of gratitude that is generated in the family of a person healthy thanks to the policy of a company, that person quit smoking.

The high degree of loyalty, commitment and motivation generated in the workplace is an incentive to the concrete benefits of having a staff comprised of healthy people, strong, bold and undaunted.


Ing. Miguel C. Cane

Gerente General

La Posada del Qenti, Medical Spa & Resort

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