Smoking is a chronic disease caused by nicotine addiction, and prolonged exposure to smoke from burning leaves snuff. The latter contains more than 7.000 substances, many of which are toxic and carcinogenic, that affect not only the individual, but also those around.

According to the World Health Organization is the leading cause of preventable death in developed countries. It is estimated that only in Argentina die each year 40.000 people for this cause, and 6000 of them are passive smokers.

How does it affect health?

You can do this in different ways, eg:

  • Cancers: lung, larynx, pharynx, kidney, liver, bladder, inter alia.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: infarcts, ACV, aneurysms, etc..
  • Respiratory diseases: chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and repeated respiratory infections.
  • Also, women smoking has serious consequences on the reproductive system.

Why also speaks of “pasive smokers”?

Because snuff smoke affects people nearby, especially it is extremely harmful to young children who can actually cause: Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, recurrent infections, developmental disorders and behavioral.

How can you treat?

First we have to know that very few smokers realize the goal of quitting on their own. Thus, It is highly advisable to consult a health care professional, such as psychologists, pulmonologists or clinicians.

Treatments generally include techniques cognitive behavioral therapy; which can be with or without medication; which is evaluated in each case.

Then… what should we do?

If you have never smoked: Do not start.

In addition to Si. you smoke:

  • Lower the number of cigarettes per day and psychologically prepared to abandon.
  • Restart physical activity.
  • Change your habits, especially those that are linked to her smoking.
  • Get advice about medical support and ask about our smoking cessation program.

From La Posada del Qenti not only we support these initiatives, but also want to know more about this epidemic. We have a successful Inter-disciplinary program to quit this addiction. And that's a key point to keep in mind. This is not a "vice", a "custom" or a "habit"; cause a real cigarette addiction that must be controlled from its root. At the same medical equipment and pulmonologist involved, working together with the psychologist, Nutritionists, PE teachers, physiotherapists and qualified professionals to carry this out.

Dr. Christian Leiva

medical Clinic – Mp: 31209

Medical Director of La Posada del Qenti.

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