We leave a short, funny story, explaining a fun way yet very accurate, how our body reacts when breakfast.


The alarm sounds and the brain begins to worry: “and get up and we ate all fuel…”

Call the first neuron at hand and sends message to see what's available blood glucose. Since the blood will respond: “Here are some sugar 15 a 20 minutes, only”.

The brain makes a gesture of doubt, and tells the messenger neuron: “In accordance, go talking to the liver to see what he has in reserve”. In the liver consult the savings and responds to, “At most the funds to reach a 20 a 25 minutes”.

In total there are only about 290 g glucose, namely, Reaching for 45 minutes, time in which the brain has been begging all saints to see if we can think of breakfast.

If you're in a hurry or we find it unbearable to eat in the morning, poor body will need to get emergency: “Siege: we are throwing an economical package. Cortisone, is, I can kick the muscle cells, ligaments, bones and skin collagen”.

Cortisone will implement mechanisms for cells which open portfolio mom buying votes, , and release their protein. These pass to the liver to the blood glucose becomes. The process will continue until we eat.

As seen, who believes that breakfast is not cheating: eating its own muscles, self devours. The result is the loss of muscle tone, and brain, instead of dealing with their intellectual functions, morning passed activating the emergency system for fuel and food.

How does that affect our weight?… When you start the day fasting, starts a strategy of energy saving, so the metabolism slows. The brain does not know if fasting is for a few hours or a few days, so take the most severe restrictive measures, hence, if the person decides after lunch, food will be accepted as surplus, will be diverted to the store 'fat reserves’ and the person fatter.

The reason that the muscles are first used as reserve fuel in the morning fasting is that in the morning cortisol hormone that stimulates muscle protein destruction and conversion to glucose predominates.

So now you know…never go out without breakfast, Your body will thank you and compensate with greater health, same that you can enjoy living longer and healthy for convivas with loved ones…

Early breakfast, it will carry enough energy to help you make your mind more agile, your most spontaneous thoughts, your body more relaxed, with greater ease of movement and logic…you estresar less.

Staff at La Posada


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