La Posada del Qenti proposes a therapy that is based on the contribution of hydrolysates or peptones, that act as "cellular nutrients", joining the corresponding tissue, providing appropriate elements to stimulate the cells biologically.

At La Posada del Qenti, a privileged place for the scenic beauty that surrounds, ideal to feel good again and reconnect with yourself, framed in a special microclimate, can achieve the best revitalize the.

Declared provincial tourist, Qenti of the Health Resort has a team of professionals ready to meet the needs of each guest; favoring the hospitality, discretion and quality of service, with the aim of improving the quality of life.

The complexity of modern life we ​​are subjected to a high degree of stress, wear and little time for rest, so our body adds to the normal physiological devitalization, the negative action of the various "risk factors", desvitalizándonos and predisposing to diseases.

One of the most important and promising fields in this area is the Biological Revitalization.

This therapy is based on the contribution of hydrolysates or peptones (Tissue protein derivatives), that act as "cellular nutrients", joining the corresponding tissue, providing appropriate elements to stimulate the cells biologically.

In the process of revitalization formulas are drawn isolated tissues (bones, muscles, placenta, etc.) or combination of them to stimulate the defenses.

In this way provides a wide range of raw material for the indicated treatment.

The peptones are very small vital particles obtained from healthy tissues and, processed biosecurity measures.

Currently treatments peptones, are those used most often in Switzerland, Germany and other leading countries in prevention.

Pathologic conditions can be treated:

All diseases and dysfunctions of healthy bodies, they see their vitality affected by the natural course of time, poor diet, smoking, stress, environmental pollution and other factors: gastrointestinal disease, osteoporosis, colon irritable, diabetes, psoriasis, distress, sleep disorders, sexual dysfunction, physical exhaustion and psicointelectual, overall revitalization, Perimenopause, physical training, inter.

There curable diseases, in other cases, cellular functions are optimized and balanced systems. Acting as an excellent complement to allopathic therapies.

The Medical Center of Qenti Posada offers specific programs for each guest. The selection of therapies and techniques used are the result of extensive research, supported using art apparatus; to prevent and ameliorate any death before it begins to become evident.

“Be aware that taking care of our habits, correct risk factors and the addition of biological revitalization, not only give us a good quality of life, but also restore our body and slow the signs of aging.”

Health care is the main objective of the Health Resort, therefore, working to improve the quality of life.

Those interested in obtaining more information, can communicate to La Posada del Qenti, Route 14 km. 14 Icho Cruz ½, Cordova, Argentina; PO Box 44 Villa Carlos Paz (5152); visit the website, to your (54) 3541-495715 or e-mail