Qenti, prescription Qechua language (ancient language of the region who spoke Comechingones, viagra order language brought by the Incas of Peru to the region Alto), search means hummingbird, place little bird old.

In recognition of this particular bird has as much to do with the nature, balance, natural energy and aesthetics, christened in honor of our beloved Posada, Qenti named.
It's a tiny American bird that is characterized by the wonderful colors of its plumage, extraordinary and peculiar way of flying food habits. They do not sing but that buzz with wings, moving faster than any other bird, to the extent that costs distinguish when flying. This beautiful bird inhabits places abound honeysuckle and other similar plants, fed since the nectar and small insects found inside flowers.. As one goes to another plant also contributes to pollinate, as bees do.
The hummingbird can only eventually, perching on branches, and who are unable to walk or run on the ground. Build special silk weaving their nests with moss and lichen, assure and twigs, resistant cones and leaves, well above ground level.
The Qenti is a beautiful jewel, that nature gives us to see and savor , has a predominant emerald green plumage, is approximately 7 cm, with long, slightly curved beak down, on top black color predominates, at the bottom the red.
Its flight is joyous, accurate, vivacious, and causes admiration to all those who have the privilege of sharing their habitat even for a short time.
You can flap its wings 80 times per second. They have perfected their precision flying both to walk on the floor stopped being an alternative.
It is a perfect example of balance, if most could not maintain flight, if its size is less could not stay warm, it requires a lot of energy to keep up.

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