It is a very common condition during adolescence and is traumatic for many boys and girls. Certain activities or environments may favor its appearance. Treatments are effective to control.
As Dr. Fossati explains the Division of Dermatology and Clinical Hospital José de San Martín, no rx Buenos Aires, nurse Acne usually occurs at a stage of life in which young people have not yet formed their identity, "which affects the safety of themselves".
It is a disease. "We prefer to speak of a condition", visit clarifies Fossati, "It will be more or less heavy according to the varied personalities".
The magnitude is given in some cases the condition itself-often have extremely severe acne- and others by the way that they affect the sufferer. "Often an acne seems trivial, but it is affecting the life of the boy or the girl who talks and this must be taken into account ", says specialist.
As with any patient, good questioning is the starting point on which is built a good treatment. "The type of work, hobby or sports can worsen acne. The incidence of certain medications, the use of oily substances locally or contact with them in the work environment must be known to the physician, "Fossati said, adding that any type of friction such as the use of headbands in tennis players, the phone is held against the face in the switchboard, Violin rubbing on the neck of the violin, or simple habit of resting your hands on your face to listen and study. "Anything can help treat, these circumstances should not be ignored ".
Also, Acne that lasts one or are resistant to treatment shows a marker that can not be ignored "because they are various diseases that give early dermatological manifestations. As the skin is, can be read, and early detection of a disease before symptoms develop entire "Fossati explains and says that Acne can be revealing a" adrenal hypertrophy or polycystic ovary, or other endocrine disorders ".
Regarding the treatment the doctor Fossati that "the first encounter with reality will let you know the guys that, In most cases, Acne lasts for years. But it is good to let them know that there are now very good and varied topical medications or systemically ". These allow you to go through these years the stalking Acne, with a very good appearance.


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