Foodwatch Netherlands has conducted an investigation to determine the presence of ultraprocesados ​​food products in supermarkets, for it has compiled a sample 651 products in major supermarket chains in the country, Jumbo, Albert Heijn and Lidl. According to the results, a 70% of the products sold are highly processed.

According to data collected for investigation of Foodwatch Netherlands, the 70% of foodstuffs supermarket are ultraprocesados. What does this mean? such foods incorporate ingredients that have undergone processes such as hydrolysis of proteins, hydrogenation, refining and extrusion flour, inter alia. They also have a high number of additives such as dyes, preservatives, emulsifiers and flavorings.

The most common ultraprocesados ​​producos usually snacks, refreshments, industrial bakery, refined grains, milk preparations, bars and prepared foods. Regular consumption of these foods is associated with problems and diseases such as obesity, diabetes type 2, some forms of cancer, CVD, etc..

Foodwatch complaint that ultraprocesados ​​products (little bit (or nothing) healthy) dominate supermarket shelves, and although he speaks of supermarkets in the Netherlands, Data can be transferred to other countries. In research they were collected 651 food products from three of the major supermarket chains in the country, Jumbo, Albert Heijn and Lidl. These products are divided into four categories, raw or lightly processed foods such as vegetables, fruits, eggs or milk, processed ingredients such as oils or salt, processed foods such as canned, sausage, breads, and highly processed foods such as breakfast cereals, the French fries, instant soups, desserts or delicatessen, etc..

After analysis it was determined that 459 of the 651 products analyzed, which represents 70.5% of the sample, They are framed in the category of food or highly processed ultraprocesados, in the category of fresh food they were included 106 products (16%), in the category of processed foods 67 products (10%) and 19 remaining (3%) They were framed in the category of processed ingredients. Foodwatch highlights the remarkable presence of sugar in highly processed foods ( in 350 of the 459 products), It can be found in all kinds of products and preparations, some would suspect not many consumers that contain, for example prepared salads or fish dumplings, inter alia. On the other hand, until 69% of highly processed foods study (315) containing high amounts of salt. Ultimately, the 93% of these products (429 of the 459) containing excess sugar or salt.

Dutch recalls that regular consumption of foods ultraprocesados ​​can cause various health problems, which makes sense considering that they have a high content of saturated fat, sugars and salt, They are low in nutrients like vitamins and minerals, the dietary fiber content is reduced, its energy density is high and provide a large number of empty calories. The World Health Organization (WHO) warns of the association between highly processed foods and disease as discussed above, so they do the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), other organizations dedicated to health, many researchers and even government regulatory agencies. Warn about the dangers of abuse of these products, but governments hardly do anything about it, It is still marketed legally marketed as snuff although it is a dangerous product.



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