Tips to banish the whole idea of ​​the magical promises to lose weight and promote healthy habits.



To lose weight and keep, follow a restrictive diet is usually not as effective. In change, nurse incorporating a better quality of life, remedy healthy habits, and, above all, banishing false beliefs will be easier rid of the extra kilos (and not reclaim). We show you a Decalogue of options here, to put into practice gradually.

1. Abandon them diets

Chronic dieting behavior fails over time as, to go through constant state of hunger, the body activates a savings mechanism, demonstrating the phenotype of obesity. This can lead to a change in metabolism and make the difficult descent.
The main recommendation is to gradually replace junk food, with empty calories and excess sugars, sodium, saturated fat and additives (only increase the appetite and thirst) for healthy and nutritious food. Other effective measures: gradually decreasing portions and "pecking", thereby adjusting the capacity of our stomach. Always, with a weekly allowed.

2. Watch your digestion

With the mere fact of taste, smell, display food on the plate, While chewing breaking it with our saliva, the first step of digestion would be fulfilled, filling somehow, what we call brain hungry. Then, stomach and intestines receive the content ready to absorb and distribute nutrients. It is also important to keep schedules of the four basic food.

3. Pasha revolutions

Cortisol is a hormone related to stress and weight gain. Therefore, It must be controlled. For this, physical activity is essential, also it helps raise the blood levels of endorphins (a hormone associated with pleasure), decreasing fat tissue. This would make us sick with good humor and less.
4. consciously chose your food

A good way to change habits is to start choosing foods by taste, not by obligation. No prohibited, but changing, to achieve their fill without overeating. For example, 75 grams of potato chips (a small cone) They have 200 and amount to empty calories 600 grs. Broccoli, produced greater satiety and provide important nutrients.

5. Try to identify what made you fat

Weight gain may be related to episodes of stress or depression boxes. A good strategy is to visualize what caused the change in our metabolism, to mediate if necessary on neurotransmitters such as serotonin and noradrenaline, which rise and create a vicious cycle in the body.
6. Hidratate

Fat tissue fluid retention and toxins. Then, consume abundant water, fruits, vegetables helps eliminate body waste.

7. Scattered chiquita breakdown

Although it is likely that our brain and our joints "unwilling", makes every effort to overcome this barrier. Lack of desire to do activity is usually a "logical" denial. Therefore, it is important to find an activity that pleases us and pleasure. After a few weeks, when our brain begins to release endorphins, look for something a little more appropriate to burn fat and muscle mass hardening, without causing damage to the joints.

8. You do not steal hours to rest and relax

A sleep causes our body to consume enough calories. Also, to rest our brain functions, dawn body refreshed and ready for daily activity.
9. Think long term

There is a fundamental recommendation: changes made, slowly but surely, They are directing us to become healthier and stability. Changing habits, also, It decreases the chance of weight rebounds, one of the typical problems of overly restrictive diets.

10. Conta professional help

The support of an interdisciplinary team will allow your goals and will promote supportive in times of weakness.

By Dr. Gabriela Tortolo,

medical clinic and specialist in obesity and metabolic syndrome,

Staff at La Posada del Qenti


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