In the talks that nutritionists and doctors give in La Posada del Qenti guests, health always emphasizes the amount of diets that promise extraordinary results, cost almost effortlessly and in record time. We share this note speaks of these diets that threaten the health of those who believe in them and apply:

“It is important not tempted to perform them because of the damage inflicted on our health”.

They are those diets promise quick results in a short time:
"Lower ten kilos in a month "..." Diet Grapefruit, Ice Cream, Soup Cebolla, Fat Burning, diet pills, infusions... "And the list goes on ... They are tempting against the anxiety that make weight loss diets. Not clarify what are the enormous risks to our health.A diet (feed) 1300Cal less than occurs in our body:

  • Basal metabolic rate decreases (generate energy expenditure at rest).
  • Reduces energy consumption by food consumption (we spend that energy by eating only made).
  • Decreases energy expenditure in physical activity and exercise (do exercises to lose weight, but spend less ... our body becomes alert for lack of nutrients and prevents burn calories).
  • T3 decreases (Thyroid hormone increases the metabolic rate)
  • Increase stress hormones (as cortisol, which increases retention).
  • We risk, almost irreparable, of losing muscle masa which it is the tissue that produces more energy expenditure.

The result: a rapid decline in weight, by muscle loss (muscle has greater weight than fat, down so many kilos of muscle!!), and rapid weight regain when you stop to realize it (yo-yo).

Other symptoms producing "Miracle Diet" its: fatigue, headache, insomnia, weak nail and hair, nervousness, with humor, inter alia.How to detect a miracle diet?
La A.D.A. (American Dietetic Association), offers 9 points to identify fad diets:

  1. Promise results “Quick”.
  2. Promise results “Magic”.
  3. Prohibit the consumption of a food or food group.
  4. They contain lists of foods “good” the “ill”.
  5. Exaggerate the scientific reality of a nutrient.
  6. Advised dietary products that attribute magical properties.
  7. They are based on the consumption of expensive diet products when compared to the cost of obtaining the same result by food, and sold precisely who these advocates dietary and nutritional claims.
  8. Include stories, the stories testimonials provide credibility to.
  9. Contain statements that contradict health groups recognized reputation.

Remember: “It is important not to fall into the temptation to perform them because the damage inflicted on our health. Losing weight effectively, lasting and healthy requires a scheduled feeding for nutrition professional. And of course, it takes time to achieve results”.


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