Smoking Treatment

180 days

Pleasant medical treatment

Through this effective and complete treatment, we'll help you quit or reduce cigarette habit, neutralizing the damage it has for your health, mainly due to cardiovascular complications, respiratory and increasing the chances of getting cancer. At La Posada del Qenti, through a suitable doctor body formed by neumonologist, specialized clinician, psychologist and nutritionist, It has achieved high effectiveness 89% this treatment.

Breathe the pure air of the Sierras

Our treatments are designed for you to enjoy every minute at La Posada del Qenti. Surrounded by nature, mountains and with a breathtaking view, La Posada del Qenti enhances your experience with pleasure and entertainment activities. You will enjoy the most relaxing with our daily hydrotherapy circuit with spray jets, sauna, steam, sala de relax e hidrocaminador, recovering energy to realize all your dreams.


Start of 7 days + 6 months follow


Tuesday before noon


Multi and interdisciplinary fully customized


Give up or cut the cigarette habit.


Immediate and lasting, depending on the organism and the patient's predisposition

Additional results

Significant improvement in their health

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Treatment modality

The anti-smoking treatment lasts a total of 6 months. Consists of three stays La Posada del Qenti and medical follow distance between each stay. The first is a stay 7 days (to which is entered on Tuesdays of each week). After that first week our professionals will make weekly contact for a month, after which there is a stay 2 days 2 nights, where evolution control is carried out in the institution. Finally the 5 months, previous monthly contacts, It takes another stay 2 days 2 nights with the final part of treatment and high medical respective.

What are the benefits of this treatment for your health?


Improved circulation *

Having a good blood flow helps us stay healthy because blood, during road, cleaning, feeds, esteriliza, chemicals distributes food obtained, and helps flush toxins.


Less blood CO *

Carbon monoxide is an asphyxiant, cause symptoms including lack of oxygen in the bloodstream and therefore the brain, being a triggering factor for cerebrovascular diseases.


Effectiveness of treatment *

9 in 10 People who have experienced this treatment have successfully quit or decrease by more than 80% the number of cigarettes consumed per day.

*La Posada del Qenti we can not guarantee a specific outcome, since they vary from person to person. For any questions do not hesitate to consult our specialists or your trusted doctor.

What it is included in the stay?

Medically controlled activities

  • Clinical Evaluations, nutritional, physiotherapy and aesthetic
  • Medical evaluations and Nutrition report
  • Clinical analysis laboratory (extra charge)
  • Treatment of airways
  • Psychology
  • Relaxing massages
  • Chest X-ray
  • Medical evaluation
  • Activities with personal trainer
  • Hydrotherapy (sauna, steam, relaxation room , hidromasaje , hidrocaminador)

Through this program, Posada del Qenti in helping people reduce or stop altogether the cigarette habit, reducing it have contraindications for your health, mainly due to cardiovascular complications, respiratory and the considerable increase in the predisposition to cancer. Dr. Christian Leiva Medical Director of La Posada del Qenti – MP 31.209/1.

Personalized nutritional plan

  • Breakfast
  • Gourmet lunch
  • Picnic
  • Cena gourmet
  • Natural Infusions

Controlled group activities

  • Personal trainer controlled by activity
  • Guided walk every morning
  • Health Workshops
  • Medical Conferences
  • Stretching
  • Water aerobics
  • Taichi
  • Yoga
  • Chi kung
  • Recreation & Entertainment

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