Food diet and light emerge in the late 80, drug when you begin to use the saccharin replacing sugar, entering the market aimed at people who want to lose weight, well accepted because they are names used internationally.

Often we see that consumers associate the word diet, with light or diet designed for weight reduction food. The Argentine Food Code, defines dietetic foods as those that have been changed in composition and are designed to meet specific nutritional needs and feeding of certain population groups, for this reason are not necessarily discounted products caloric value, We could cite examples of fortified products, modified foods in their carbohydrate / lipid composition, energy etc..

In 2004 was normalized using the Complementary Nutrition Facts, for signs and advertisements; this allowed to use the word light to differentiate a food that is different from other similar or characteristic, and having a reduction of at least one 25 % some of its components.

nutritional information

The word Diet, was not included within the terms, generate confusion among consumers. The resolution authorizing the use of certain terms to highlight an important characteristic that makes it different from traditional food, and the content of nutrients and / or energy value, it to compare similar foods. Within the terms listed attribute is, Light (low, slight, reduced, light) these can be applied to the total energy value, carbohydrates, sugars, Total fat, saturated, cholesterol and sodium.

When consumers purchase these products should pay attention, these claims / labels, the rule requires that the proximity of the term nutrient and / or energy value specified, which refers to the term. In summary, indicating that a food is light does not necessarily mean low calorie, but low in some nutrients to which it relates. In practical terms, if a food signal be reduced in calories, must also say that contains a "25 % fewer calories "to the reference food.

Advice for consumers:

  • As a first step read food labels or buy.
  • To care for your health, prefer the food, light, low or reduced fat and calories.
  • Choose foods that are good sources, fortified in calcium, iron, dietary fiber folic acid.
  • Read the ingredients or additives containing foods, identifying food allergies. Tables of nutrient composition of a food is by 100 grs., and the portion of consumption specified.


Source: ANMAT

Pull. Andrea Piñero

Nutrition Area

La Posada Del Qenti