For a long time, shop y a nivel popular, hear of the elderly, ANCIANOS as that of "la tercera edad". But in recent years, and progress in life expectancy, It appeared the name "Fourth Age". While there is no single and universal consensus, We can divide the stages of life in a range of 25 a 28 years each stage.

The first age: is between birth and 28 years approx. Includes childhood, youth, and first portion of adult life. It is the stage where many people get a stable job and form a family (although this archetype this changing in recent years).

The second age: extends from the 28 to 56 years old. It is the most active phase of labor most individuals.

Seniors: extending from the 56 to 84 years old. It is the stage of decline in active labor activity, where many individuals retire.

The fourth age: But what do we have beyond the limit of the elderly?. I reiterate that without unanimous consensus, Most authors consider that the fourth age is above the limit of 80 a 84 years of life.It is a "world" that we are just beginning to see and study; reign and in many cases more questions than certainties.


The growth of life expectancy

Life expectancy at birth is an estimate of the average number of years to live a group of people born the same year, if mortality rates in the region remain constant evaluated. Stated differently: which is the average expected life for each person at birth. This is been so dynamic in recent years that the statistics are staggering.

In the early nineteenth century, life expectancy was only 30-40 years old. Some even claim that it was not for advancing the chemical, today people have an expectation of only 35 years old. However, with changes in health policies, health and prevention, early twentieth century life expectancy grew to 55-65 years old. Currently considered the world average is around 70 years old (with large variations according to the areas of the planet). Latin America has an average 72 years old, but and in our country we have more than 1.000.000 Individuals at higher 80 years old.

How do we prepare?

There have been marked changes that are not prepared for this phenomenon, and general, from any aspect. Whether medical, infrastructure, o social, just to name a few.

From La Posada del Qenti we are impregnating a prevention and healthy life, to get in the best position to "fourth age"; and achieve full life.

With cell therapies and "pro-age", create a model for revitalizing the immune system, balance metabolic functions, monitoring or improving the stress response, and address the body in general, a professional multi-disciplinary team to start the 50 and reach 100 years old.

Dr. Christian Leiva, MP 31.209/1

Medical Center Director

La Posada del Qenti

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