(*) By Maria Soledad Boca

Por its high physical demands, try including a variety of sports, recipe requires a significant consumption of protein and carbohydrate. How to prepare the body before practice.

It is known that when we do exercise increased our caloric expenditure, purchase whatever exercise. With some more and some less, but always increases energy expenditure. Duly the Crossfit activity is a strength and conditioning in which you are required the person a high endurance, since during the day the Crossfitter practice a variety of exercises for different sports: bicycle, oar, swimming, Peso, Boxing, etc..

It is therefore essential that the power of those who practice this discipline is rich in carbohydrates and proteins.

On the one hand carbohydrates are an energy source for the brain and nervous system, and provide the necessary fuel for body functions, physical and mental, so it must be the highest daily nutrient requirement. Specifically for el Crossfit, help the body to better coordinate movements, achieving greater agility in the development of the discipline.

As proteins have, its functions, build and repair the tissues. They produce hormones (as insulin) and neurotransmitters that enable them to regulate cell functions and impart elasticity to tissues. This led to the sport results in a improvement in muscle mass recovery and, therefore, better response of the body to perform the activity.


Power and performance

At the start of workout routine, during the first minutes, depending on whether the person is more or less trained, the body first uses the glucose that is circulating in the blood, then deposited glycogen and then fat as a fuel source.

To make this process suitable must be well fed, otherwise we toil quickly to start training, as reserves glycogen are rapidly depleted, and weaken ourselves, so that performance during training is not ideal.

When we started training Crossfit, we must stress have a complete and balanced diet, not eliminate foods in our diet, mostly carbohydrates, which are those that provide the energy it takes to train.

Many weight loss diets foods with carbohydrates are removed (cereals, pasta, potatoes, etc.) and this causes during exercise quickly becomes tired and fatigue, since no circulating glucose.

Therefore, if the training is conducted during the morning, a good breakfast that includes cereal fiber, dairy and fruit is ideal. If you train in the evening we should pay attention to the snack and not train if they've spent more than three hours after the last meal. If so, a smoothie rich milk or yogurt with fruit and oatmeal or cereal with skim milk and fresh and dried fruit is a quick and nutritious snack.

For lunch and dinner is advisable to combine proteins with vegetables or carbohydrates with vegetables and fruit dessert. You should always remember that it is essential prevent dehydration, causing cramps and exhaustion during the practice of this discipline.


(*) María Soledad Boca has a degree in nutrition, specialist obesity (MP 1998).

Area of ​​Nutrition, La Posada del Qenti

Source: www.clarin.com/buena-vida

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