La Posada del Qenti and Orbicare, medicine company dedicated to the development of medical tourism between Argentina and the U.S., buy information pills position the Mediterranean province between the main actors for these services.

From the actions taken by the National Government through Improtur, Export agency and the Province of Cordoba in conjunction with the Chamber of Medical Tourism, the first positive results arise.

At the beginning of this month, Eng. Miguel Cane CEO of Qenti Group and member of the Chamber, Orbicare agreed with the plan of action to promote and encourage the patient traffic to the province. In a meeting in Weston, U.S., agreed health programs and linked to body and facial aesthetic interventions, treatments as well as long experience Qenti: biological rejuvenation, smoking detox, stress and weight control.

The Engineer said "the focus of our work is the renewal of energy and improved quality of life over the years. We propose a change project, not just a spot treatment to restrict unmodified habits, result is limited and requires back to the same ".

La Posada is incorporated, with the signing of agreements, a la Neotherapy, a gradual learning process that leverages the brain's ability to self regulate and balance. This process releases the optimal performance of their duties, which helps to maintain healthy body.

Telemedicine, portable medical records, inter alia, were also addressed issues and they have positive expectations for the future.

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