This time we bring you a series of tips and habits, viagra approved we will avoid this evil:

– Stop using laxatives imitative.

– Increase physical activity to promote bowel movements.

– Take two ½ liter of water per day.

– Perform 4 meals and 2 the 3 snacks.

Mejorar los hábitos de defecación: Increasing the time set for the BM (must secure a alredor time of ten to fifteen minutes a day, clinic approximately the same time, preferably after a meal, to take advantage of the gastrocolic reflex) and not suppress the desire defecation.

– Increasing dietary fibers:

  • Consume fruits and vegetables if possible in shell.
  • Prepare cake, cakes and biscuits by adding whole grains (ej. Wholemeal, rescued from oats to wheat) Fresh Fruit, nuts and seeds.
  • Eat at least 1 raw vegetable dish on the day special sheets.
  • In recipes that are half white flour replaced with whole wheat flour and stir in bran.
  • Take prune juice fasting, This fruit has a component that stimulates bowel function (2 the 3 in a full glass of water and leave overnight next day eat the plums hydrated and take the soaking water fasting).
  • Eat fruit juices with the pulp.
  • Choose whole grains (wheat bread, bran cookies, brown rice, flours, cereal bars
  • Increase consumption of vegetables.

– You can make a mixture of grains and seeds to add to prepaciones: Mix equal parts wheat bran oat bran and add to a lesser extent wheat germ and flax seed: 1 cda. tablespoon of the mixture per day and gradually increase up to 1/2 cup per day ( add to infusions, milk, yogurt, water, juice, broths).

– The most annoying side effect of the fibers, especially the bran, is abdominal distention and bloating (intestinal gas).But that disappear with continued use; therefore recommended to start with low doses and gradually increase.

Do not abandon the measures outlined, or use laxatives are irritating because immediate results; The restoration of bowel function takes weeks.


Pull. Rosana Viscovig

Medical Nutritionist

La Posada del Qenti, Medical Spa & Resort

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