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*Courtesy of the Ministry of Health of the Nation

There is ample evidence in the global statistics that cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and morbidity in the world.

Despite having made progress in diagnostic methods and therapeutics (most invasive and coming in late stages of the disease), side effects prevention as truly effective solution to this "global cardiovascular disease", is failing.

NAHNES recently published, epidemiological survey in the U.S.. The conclusions evidence:

  • Cardiovascular disease passes 8,1 a 10,4%
  • Diabetes “7,9 a 10,5%
  • Hypertension "to 33 37,1%
  • Dislipidemias “30,2 a 37,7%

Likewise the risk factors for this disease and varies within the same period as follows:

  • Obesity 28 a 36%.
  • Physical activity less than 12 times per month, of 53 to the 43%.
  • Tobacco use remains at a 26,9%.
  • Consumption of fruits and vegetables 46 to the 26%.
  • The spirit of 40 to the 52%.
  • The total adherence to healthy behavior change down the 15 to the 8%.

In the analysis of this lack of results in preventive strategies can list several:

  • Successful penetration in people of risky health habits, by the consumer society (sedentary, stress, smoking, junk food, etc.).
  • Cultural aspects difficult to change.
  • Poor institutional strategies.
  • Bad strategies health workers to induce changes.
  • Health system increasingly depersonalized and with little time devoted to patient at each visit.
  • Health systems based on profit and not health.
  • Lack of commitment from the state support preventive measures.

In addition to everything listed should be considered fundamental aspects in regard to the doctor-patient.

It tells the person "what to do" and did not "re education and accompanies the proposed change".

Cardiovascular health is only part of the overall health of every human being, understood that in this concept a person is formed by the interaction of an organic system, intellect, feelings, cultural beliefs, social and family environment and expression needs for personal growth and fulfillment.

The challenge is to see people, Sanaa sick, From this point. Not only from a body that must heal, improve or maintain healthy.

Every person is a human being with certain genetic load interacting with the surrounding medium creating "culture" and therefore "habits".

The culture in most societies, with a strong imprint of religions (or rather of its institutions), attention away one's body, their constitution and operation. The attention is focused on other interests, underestimated and it conceals.

In addition to a consumer society where health care and prevention is only one sentence that is clearly; diverting attention to other issues "more convenient and profitable for some".

Meanwhile the health team is formed from a technical perspective and scientistic, with a tendency to the "specialty" losing even more comprehensive view of our patient.

The medicine should be considered as an art actually, using a science in order to maintain or restore the health of people, but with a different attitude to the implementation by the majority of health systems.

If you keep trying to force changes outside the interests of people, accomplish nothing.

So how to find a solution to this problem?

The prevention of cardiovascular disease, should consider a more effective and sustainable than put in place so far. Epidemiological projections show that global cardiovascular disease, can decrease a 63% (as it is now) a 31%, performing controlling healthy habits and risk factors.

The health rehabilitation, considering all aspects that comprise human, is properly. Based on changing habits and self-care awareness with an individual responsibility to hold.

This education begins before birth. Every expectant parent should have this commitment to start your child's education "health". It should engage the family, to school, society and mainly government institutions, to hold and contain these needs.

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