Stress is a response, one-emotional physical body's defense reaction, against various stimuli that interprets the body as a threat, This form of stress is considered positive as it prepares the body for fight or flight to stimuli that could be threatening to the same.

Normally the individual adapts to these stimuli and responds with defensive reactions, normal and necessary, mediated physiological release from the adrenal gland of substances such as adrenaline and cortisol, but this is not always possible adaptation to chronic stress, originándose una respuesta desproporcionada con una acción excesiva o continuada de estas sustancias dando lugar a la aparición del distress o estrés negativo que causes damage, mainly decrease the body's defenses, detrimental impact on the cardiovascular, metabolic and psychological disorders.


The most common manifestations of this impact to the body causes an increased risk of flu states, headaches, allergies, increased blood pressure levels, alterations in the lipid profile with increased risk of coronary artery disease, alterations in body weight decrease or increase of the same , sleep disturbances like insomnia and nighttime awakenings , muscle contractures, pain in the spine and lower back pain or neck pain, fatiga mental, lack of concentration and memory , worries and obsessive thoughts, feelings of fear and insecurity frequent, depression alternating with irritability and moodiness constant, addictions such as alcohol, smoking, drugs, personal neglect and self-care, psychophysical exhaustion with chronic fatigue Unexplained.

El distress affects our body and generate countless ailments both physical and psychological, for this reason acquire certain habits or behaviors that help prevent chronic strees are critical, like trying to recognize stressful situations as much as possible to avoid or change the way you deal with them ,organize our daily activities to avoid generating a lot of stress apurones, maintain a healthy, avoid smoking and excessive stimulants like coffee , Regular physical activity that maintains our healthy body, take time for yourself trying to achieve a good balance between the time spent on our work demands, to rest and to recreation.

Pull. Rosana Viscovig (Medical Nutritionist La Posada del Qenti)