Remember how were the conversations we had with our friends from childhood? One said that when she wanted to be nurse big; other, generic Doctor, see Police, and Firefighter, Engineer of a train looong, Teacher, Singer, Model ... Those were the days! Achievement realize her dream?? What do you do for a living? Are you frustrated that maybe I can find work that is not what you wanted?

It is not sensible to classify the different types of work as higher or lower, the noble innobles, prestigiosos or prestige since. All work is equally honorable and noble, unless it is a job that has something objectionable from the standpoint of moral. However, the fact is that most people do not consider the job well. Why not?

Frequently judge the value of different types of work according to their relative importance in monetary scale. But is the work of artist cinema or theater, who may make hundreds of thousands of dollars, actually more important than the job of the garbage collector, who contributes directly to public health? Is a mother's loving care, who does not receive "no pay", less important than the care provided to salaried teacher her son? The study was done in the United States on the topic Work in America (Working in the U.S.) concludes that no "Worth a hundred times more than someone else just because you pay a hundredfold".

Nor is it wise to evaluate what it is fulfilling some work based on the prestige that it seems to offer. What matters is what is achieved. For example: The architect who has lost his ability to easily design has less immediate reason to feel satisfied, despite the prestige that you may have, the concierge that success in keeping immaculate building. The work should be considered from the standpoint of what it achieves for others, not only in the light of what we provide in terms of salary or prestige. The learn to recognize this will make us feel more happy with our work.

How to enjoy work more

Strive to do good quality work. The good work habits include having goals in performance of the work and then strive to achieve them.

But be careful: Goals should be practical and achievable. Otherwise, failing to perform resulting in greater discouragement and discontent. Resolved to do their job as best you can, but do not expect perfection.

Be conscientious. A job well done and completed on time promotes satisfying feeling of accomplishment and a reason to be proud unpretentious. It is also a blessing to others. On the other hand, the work done in a negligent manner can cost our pride, while it can attack the nerves of others or possibly have even more detrimental effect. For example, Think of the harm they might cause mechanical, doctors or nurses if you are careless in their work!

Avoid getting stuck in a rut: Eventually, each one develops a certain way of doing things. To prevent this pattern will become a boring routine, Some have found it helpful to change your work pattern occasionally. Maybe you can change the order in which they perform certain tasks.

Of course, not all can greatly alter the way you work; but many clerks have found that simply changing the position of the desktop has given the feeling of starting its work from a new perspective and has contributed something new to work.

Have they discovered this myself those housewives who are reputed to be constantly moving furniture from one place to another?

Stay in good physical condition. This is required to enjoy the work. Get enough sleep at night. Spend the weekend activities that do not result in that their work is inferior on Monday because you do not feel like working. Being always tired can make you an employee who is constantly watching the clock or a worker who is always can not wait for the weekend. You may even feel just like a prisoner who is serving a sentence in prison!

Contribute to have a lively. Keep the place where you work, and sinks and toilets, as clean and crisp as possible. May be allowed to place a plant or somewhere tasteful box on the wall to brighten a little the environment. Maybe your effort to try to improve the environment influence others and give management the incentive to make other desirable changes.

Be nice and friendly. Do not allow differences of opinion or personality clashes disrupt the progress of work. Avoid confrontations. Above all, do not let the unrest spread to other. Keep a positive attitude. Why should you be unhappy just because others may feel so?

Keep your mind alert. The supposedly monotonous jobs usually are those that require little, the no, mental effort. If your work is of this class, you may find it a challenge to keep your mind active. Try to meditate on matters he has learned previously. Clear, this does not mean to be daydreaming at work or in hazardous situations due to be thinking about other things while performing a task that requires concentration. But, to perform any work that does not take your mind completely, keep this alert giving him something to do.

¡Persevere! Do not let problems arising at work steal your contentment. Resolve them, or learn to live with them. "Do not be overcome by evil, but keep conquering the evil with good ".

Be balanced. The hard work is good; but having too much of a good thing does not automatically make it better. People who consider work as the most important (even more important than friends and family) they are called in English-speaking countries workaholics-combination of the English words work (work) y alcoholics (alcoholics), like saying "workaholic" -; work could call manic or "trabajómanos". Such people lack the balance. While sticking to an extremely busy schedule maybe make them happy, rarely makes happy those who have to live and work with them.

You can make your work more pleasurable by implementing some of the suggestions mentioned above.

If you could make your childhood dream about your work do not be discouraged. In these times it is important to find, maintain and care work. Think, this is what I can play ... for now, that does not mean that with perseverance and with the help of the good Lord I can find something better; why not let the wolf be Attentive. Meanwhile remember that you are the most important working capital business Who are the most important working capital Enterprises?




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