The triad of T.C.A. (Anorexia, discount Bulimia and Obesity), They are considered eating behaviors of modern society. Although there are numerous indications that always existed, are today more exposed and modern society requires different forms to suffer them.


These disorders cause changes in the skin, as dehydration, loss of tone (flabbiness), cellulite and stretch marks. They also change our moods, becoming more aggressive, always being on the defensive, making excuses and blaming the rest of what we do or fail to do, or directly deny what happens to us. Significant decrease in lean mass (masa muscular), the risk of joint damage and bone fractures or ligamentous sprains. Causing death of our neurons, with memory loss, Optic nerve weakness, producing visual disturbances, weakness and death bulb tooth and decreased calcium tooth, with the consequent fall of teeth, weakness hair loss itself. Apart from the characteristics of each body involved in the loss or excess fat pathologies. And the gradual deterioration in the functions of our 5 senses (vista, smell, hearing and taste).

As we improve every aesthetic alterations

  1. Always and in all cases we must seek the support of a multi and interdisciplinary team to meet the metabolic changes, our body leading to sick.
  2. The clinician and the specialist Metabolism, They see through a thorough physical examination and laboratory blood, urine, hormonal and mineral status of the physical body. Giving guidelines on how to hydrate, feed and manage in the environment around us.
  3. The psychologist or psychiatrist vera to find the reason why the doctor woke: for example our obesity phenotype if this clinical manifestation is. And see what is causing our self-harm.
  4. The nutritionist vera to solve disorders and nutritional deficiencies that we had taken our metabolic disorder. Teaching us to feed to counteract
  5. The physiotherapist especially vera to correct postural abnormalities that we do not harm our joints and muscles.
  6. The physical education teacher will see that type , form, and is the most suitable place for physical activity suitable for that physical body altered.
  7. The dermatologist vera, the state of the skin, the largest organ of our body, to repair lesions present, direct reflection of metabolism.
  8. By massaging the side cosmiatria, drains, ultra cavitaciones, lipolisis, therapies rich plasma, peptones creams recompose the lower layers of damaged skin. And our scalp.
  9. Performing relaxation sessions as Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Hydrotherapy, It helps us unite the different energy centers, to recompose bodies, linking them together.
  10. The dentist tried to see that we do not spend more and recompose the teeth and improve what remains to have a good chewing and with it the beginning of a good digestion.

Always and in all cases we must seek the support of a multi and interdisciplinary team to meet the metabolic changes, our body leading to sick. Trying our metabolism as a whole.

Pull. Gabriela A. Tortolo – MP. 24052

Medical Clinic - Specialist in Obesity and SDRE. Metabolic

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