When we think of the holidays are in the sea or the mountain, this some people by “Skin phototype” We consult in the department of Dermatology Posada, approved on how to spend more time in the sun ,without having it…..we know that we 4 skin types that allow us to stay longer in the sun, into the air ,Wind ,Water, etc..
They are:
– Type 1: skinned, blond, bright eyes, that a few minutes of sun exposure skin turns red, painful and at 48 hours are shed.
– Type 2 : brown skin (trigueña),by oscuros ojos black. They should use the filter screens 40 -50 with protection and U.V.B U.V.A.
– Type 3: skinned, black hair, dark eyes, whose redness begins to exhibit hours. Ellos should use the filter screen 20 -30, with less suffering ,but should be considered geography, sea ​​level, resolana, etc.. In that is. They should use the filter screen 8-10-.
– Type 4: colored black racial, but just have solar suffering. People with these characteristics often ask dermatologists to protect sun post-inflammatory.
Recall that after the presentations must be performed skin test with my dermatologist, for preventing premature photoaging, the lunar spots blancas the amarronadas the black, not previously primarily for prevention of skin cancer……..

Pull. Viviana Salazar
Posada and the dermatologist
Medical Qenti

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