It is very important to detect early any kind of visual impairment in our children and ensure that an adequate view full development in childhood.

In the first 6 life years you learn to recognize the images that are recorded in the brain which depend all the vital functions.

The pediatrician plays a fundamental role in the early detection of any eye disorder and it depends specialist referral. By this are important controls of the child from birth.

There are precedents that guide thinking there may be some disruption to know:

_The Gestational age at birth, website like this ie if the child was born before the due date and if so even more if needed neonatological hospitalization with oxygen utilization.

_If Was a difficult birth, viagra There is the possibility that the child has been a lack of oxygen (perinatal hypoxia)

_If Your development is not age-appropriate.

_If No family history of visual problems.

_If The child tilts his head to one side to look.

_If Light bothers you or if it is intense, produces the nuisance.

_If The child had any eye injury.

Q: If your child has abnormal movements in your eyes, either horizontally or vertically (Nistagmo).

_If Deviates one of his eyes (Squint).

_If Rubs his eyes as if bitten.

_If Approaches or moves away from what you see.

_If Suffering from headache after reading, watch TV or home from school.

Here are some facts to keep in mind to prevent or treat early on that a visual impairment can present our children.

For all this we must not forget that the doctor is going to ensure that our children grow up healthy and strong from birth, through periodic review of prevention as the one performed in our institution

Pull. Tita Cecilia
Specialist Pediatrician -M.P.:21389

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