Man's relationship with the sun is remote to the principles of humanity. Almost all ancient peoples had a strong relationship with the sun, advice not only for religious but also by the perception of its importance to life as universal source of light and heat.

The beneficial actions of the sun, viagra 40mg as the production of vitamin D and its effect on mood and clock control are recognized and appreciated, view but is about the deleterious effects of solar radiation, that dermatologists deposited the most attention.

Sunlight has ultraviolet radiation can damage the skin:


Get to the deep dermis.

Cause serious skin damage, as wrinkles, premature aging, and skin cancer.


Get to the epidermis.

Cause redness and burns. Alter cellular structures, main cause of skin cancer.


They are extremely harmful. Hardly reach the earth, are absorbed by the ozone layer.

The sun does not affect everyone the same way, depends on our skin phototype, which is defined by the color of the skin, the hair, the tendency to sunburn and ability to tan. These characteristics are genetically programmed:

  • There are always redden skin and never tans.
  • There are always redden skin and sometimes tan.
  • There are skins that sometimes redden and always tans.
  • There are skins redden ever and always tans.

Tanning is a way of defending the body against sun damage.

UV-A rays cause constant damage and silent throughout the day and throughout the year, hence, photoprotection use should be incorporated into the daily routine throughout the year.

Therefore, you need to follow some tips to protect your skin from the sun, not only when we plan to go on vacation, even when we stay at home or working;

  • Between 11 and 16 hs. Avoid sun exposure, period of maximum solar radiation.
  • Choose this protection sunscreen for UV-A and UV-B. Idealmente FPS ? 30.
  • Apply sunscreen to entire body surface half hour before exposure and renovalo each 2 the 3 hs.
  • Protects lips, areas like the ears, the neck and the back of the feet, using the amount necessary to adequately cover the entire body surface.
  • Use protective goggles with UV-A – UV-B.
  • Do not expose to sun under 6 months old.
  • Children 3 years must use hats, white cotton clothes dry (a shirt wet UV radiation passes) and formulated sunscreens for children.
  • Consider situations involving a false security as altitude, cloudy days, reflective surfaces (snow, sand and water), so we take great care.

The sun can be an ally or an enemy health, depending on how it expongamos.

Take consciousness, for the Sun is our Friend!