Under the motto "A world, a home, a heart”, World Heart Federation seeks to bring awareness to the population to prevent cardiovascular disease. It performs all 29 September from 2000. This year, campaign is aimed at women and children. Annually, 17,3 million people die from cardiovascular disease (more than HIV, malaria and tuberculosis combined), according to the FMC. For 2030 is estimated that this number will grow to 23 million.

Contrary to what is believed, It is not true that heart disease and strokes (ACV) only affect older men and. Women are also affected, but underestimate their risks. One in three female deaths are caused by heart disease. Children are also at risk: born each year with congenital million cardiovascular disease.

In Argentina, the latest National Survey of Risk Factors (2009) values ​​showed alarming. Of 2005 a 2009 the obese population increased from 14,5 to the 18%; the 54% was sedentary (increased 8,7%), the 25% always added salt to food and 34,8 had high blood pressure.

On World Heart Day, DOCTORS yours. Tips from the Cardiological Foundation Argentina to take care of the heart:

  • Physical activity: physical inactivity is responsible for 6% deaths worldwide. Risk factors such as obesity and, diabetes and physical inactivity, present since childhood may increase the likelihood of a child developing cardiovascular diseases in adulthood. Yet 30 minutes of moderate physical activity 5 times a week helps reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.
  • Eat heart-shaped: more and more people are fed with high sugar content, the saturated trans fats. A healthy diet for the heart, rich in fruits and vegetables helps prevent heart disease and stroke.
  • Say no to snuff: one in two smokers will die of diseases related to snuff. Second-hand smoke kills more than 600.000 nonsmokers each year, including children. In infants, Cigarette smoke can cause sudden death environment.
  • Know your numbers: following the above mentioned tips, cardiovascular risk is controlled. It is very important to know your cholesterol levels, glycemia, blood pressure and waist circumference.

Source: www.psicofxp.com


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