The arrival of summer, comes from the hand of the sun, Higher temperatures and deserved vacation. It is the ideal time of year to rest, but also accompanied by some evils like allergies and skin dryness we must prevent their care.

Healthy skin and carefully must have two elements: hydration and moisture.

  • The hydration It is the water that reaches the skin through the blood vessels, and accompanying oxygen and nutrients.
  • The humidifying, on the other hand is the skin gets moisture from the external environment, and this in turn can be natural or artificial, as creams and preparations made from water and other products help moisturize skin.

summer skin

Tips for hydration and skin moisture

1- Take plenty of water. This is the main contribution of moisture to the skin. But how?. This is the "big question", and no single answer. The amount of water depends on my age, ambient temperature, My physical activity, etc., etc.. However it can be said that in hot weather (spring-summer), intake should be at least 2 gallons per day of water. The cleaner, pure and free of chemicals or solutes is better. Flavored waters, sodas or teas as "mate" so popular in our population, provide less quantity and quality of liquid cash that pure water.

2- Balanced diet. This are an important factor in soil, but competes with pair-water intake. The food should include all types of food, in caloric amount adequate to our needs. Also should be rich in fruits and vegetables, as such foods have naturally high amount of water in its composition. The strict calorie diets, protein or restrictions are detrimental to good skin hydration.

3- Control of sun exposure and physical activity. These two factors also influence the hydration. Unnecessary or prolonged exposure to the sun (especially without the proper protection of the filter screens solar), well as excessive physical activity, are factors that drastically reduce the amount of body water.

4- Control of risk factors and toxic. The classic risk factors: Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Sedentary, Cholesterol and alterations mainly Smoking; negatively contribute to proper hydration.

5- Using creams and moisturizing products. Available on the market a wide variety of specific preparations for this purpose, either in the form of creams, geles o emulsiones. Some recommended substances include: urea, Glycolic acid, lactic acid or ammonium lactate, etc.. To do this we must always have the indication of a qualified professional.

6- Using Hydrotherapy. Therapies through water, such as sauna, steam, specialized tubs and hot springs among others; provide an excellent complement to the wetting of the skin, while such therapy offers a relaxing option for the whole body. Hot water generally relaxes the body and acts on the pores of the skin in particular. It also improves blood circulation.

7- Stress Management. The skin conveys our inner, and is why the stress, not only reflected on the skin hydration, but also in its sagging, luminosity and expression lines.

If you put these tips into practice, our skin will be healthier and will always.


Dr. Christian Leiva

Medical Center Director

La Posada del Qenti

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