Completion is about a year and a string of festivities begins, this web meetings and moments of well-deserved rest. We celebrated the end of the project and plan to come. This time together with friends and family implies celebration through food and often with large banquets with the intention of sharing and entertain our loved ones. If we want to continue looking after our health and body weight without frustrated we must consider some key points that will help us enjoy the holidays saludablemnte:

  • Prepare in advance, what is ed avoiding food store typical home this time, viagra sale and reserve them only for meeting times.
  • Remember to make everyday eating and especially the days before celebrations, with foods that provide satiety, low energy density (fewer calories in more volume) and lower glycemic index, (ie that raise blood sugar slowly). This is achieved by incorporating into our food, Foods rich in fiber and water, as vegetables and fruits, Whole grains and protein foods like lean meats, Egg white, fat dairy. Prefer gelatin desserts that are light or egg whites, that provide calories with minimal volume. Limit foods high in concentrated sugar, fat and salt.
  • Put your body in motion, to be more physically active, because it will increase the frequency of meetings and celebrations. Moving not only through specific routines gym training or playing sports, but also through spontaneous hikes, climbing stairs, Dancing, biking etc..
  • At parties must ask ourselves More quantity is more pleasure??? The key is moderation for pleasure without guilt! Decide enjoy in moderation, fully savoring every meal, us free, for all the love and shared pleasure at banquets specially prepared for these occasions.
  • Plan the menu without excess in the amount of food, or in the range, if there is more availability and different types of dishes ingeriremos amount.
  • Avoid accompaniments that we add extra calories to the menu, as breads, grissini, sugary drinks, dressings etc., is preferable to keep out of reach on the table. Choose calorie-free liquids to accompany meals, primarily water, or homemade lemonade sweetened, o bebidas light. Moderate alcohol consumption by recording the amount ingested.
  • Pay attention to portions we serve, should be adequate, Tableware can use medium or small sizes and add volume with high fiber foods and water and green leaves, fresh tomatoes etc. Do not bring food sources to the table, garnish on the plate individually to measure and control the amount of dressing.
  • Eat slowly, after taking a bite leave the cutlery on the table and engage in chewing, so we extend the time between bites. At higher mastication, satisfaction, more time to share with others.
  • The day after a party make a diet rich in liquid light, hierbas, fruits, vegetables, fat dairy and lean meats, avoid performing fasts before and after the celebrations as alter metabolism and favor the uncontrolled alimenario.

Remember that food is part of our daily lives and has special significance at this time, forming a language that we share with other. Food connects us, we define, we identified, on the property, history is printed on our senses, in our memory, in our affections. Up to us to maintain a responsible attitude as consumers, recognizing that each food can have a place in our diet, from good decisions that consider the quantity and quality of food, as well as our tastes and preferences.


Anabel Avila

Lic. Nutrition in MP 2496

La Posada del Qenti