(*) By Maria Soledad Boca

The nuts are native to Persia (Himalayan region). Walnut is one of the edible fruit trees oldest in the world. For its high content of healthy fats (the 90% containing fat is omega 3 and 6) is an excellent food contributing to reducing serum cholesterol levels and enhances the connection between neurons thanks to its antioxidant intake, discount polyphenols and Vitamin E. Hence, then, we say it is extremely beneficial to the brain and heart.

According to a study in the year 2002, Walnut is the second most food of plant origin rico en antioxidants. However, because their healthy fats are high in calories, whether consumor with rationality.

Eat three to four walnuts a day would be ideal. Can be added to salads or eat mid-morning or afternoon snack with a fruit. They have the virtue of being a food saciógeno, since eating these fruits gives feeling of fullness, because of its contribution to vegetable protein, fiber essential oils.

Other nutrients found in nuts and are valuable to the brain are phosphorus, Zinc and Vitamin B Complex.

For oil containing no oxide shell is convenient to buy and split them when ingesting. If purchased peeled store in an airtight container to avoid losing more properties. Avoid eating green walnuts, as they may be toxic.

(*) María Soledad Boca has a degree in nutrition, specialist obesity (MP 1998).

Area of ​​Nutrition, La Posada del Qenti


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