Muchas times wonder: Why as? Hungry? ¿Boredom? ¿Anxiety?. There are three systems that determine the eating.

One is the homeostatic system strong need or; eat to meet the energy needs of our body. This “hambre real” usually occurs every 3 the 4 hours after the last meal (provided meals have been complete), indicating there to 4 meals a day; breakfast, lunch, lunch and dinner. When we eat distended stomach and began to feel full (inhibitory signal of hunger). Then when it is empty, segreta a hormone called Ghrelina that informs the brain the need to eat food again; we can call this "real or physiological hunger".

We eat to emotional situations, stress, Boredom, frustration, anger, etc.. The link between food and emotion bring it from an early age and we continue associating throughout life.


Food intake results in increased dopamine, neurotransmitter that generates calm and pleasure. Nowadays stress is a major determinant of intakes: use food as a "reward" after a long day of work and we lose control of what we eat.

Studies show that in these situations we seek Carbograsas or "Comfort food" because they evoke a pleasant state from the psychological perspective.

Most of the time we eat we do to undesirable emotions unconsciously; hence the difficulty of setting a limit and stop eating. Dopamine equals comfort and pleasure, and also increases with exercise, and outdoor recreational activities. Everything we generate pleasure, sea leer, write, dance, smart, sing, etc., increases our level of dopamine.

The interesting thing would be to recognize in these states and no "cover them" eating, as this only creates more kilos, no solutions, after ingestion and decreases dopamine; emotion and will still generate only hide eating is for a limited time.

We must accept that we are born with the right to eat ... and eat rich! Because we eat to what Hedonic, by specific sensory cues, as the "craving" for pregnant women.

Suddenly we felt a huge desire to eat chocolate or ice cream, or if you prefer the salty prosciutto sandwich, cheese and tomato. We must always remember that "All prohibited generates more desire". Then, before this "specific hunger" Enjoy, Forbid him not you, hacelo moderately, savoring every bite, as when "we swallow" and not use the senses we are exposed to excess.

We eat because we, habit, because we have food to hand.

If we were more present when eating we could see and feel why we eat. When we begin to be aware of what and why we eat, probably modify the size of the portions and the quality of meals.

Achieving adequate loss and healthy weight is not just about kilos. We set our goal to change the relationship we have with food. Eat before the actual need for calories and nutrients, to cover day to day with what our body needs, doing 4 meals a day and choosing the healthiest, considering how hedonic, that occasionally manifest, prohibitions and guilt, but with pleasure and moderation: just as if, no excess.

The key is to detach your emotions to food. How? Looking welfare and dopamine with other activities such as exercise, Music, the dance. This is very important to create a safe environment in our homes and work. If we have large availability of energy dense foods, carbograsas (cookies, ice, chocolates, pastry shop, snack) it is more likely that we may eat because we see.

Then "the rich" Do not forbid ... but do not have in your house. Variety is the balance, change prohibitions moderation and pleasure of enjoying every bite using all senses, being present at meals and doing other activities while we feed (as watching television, work on the computer, talking on the phone, etc.), would be a big change for a healthier lifestyle.

Lic. María Soledad Del Boca

Area of ​​nutrition

La Posada Del Qenti.


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